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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Experience travel and cruise

Director - Craig Mathieson

Like many, Craig inherited his love of travel from his parents. Craig has travelled extensively and after the sale of his business Craig took the opportunity to combine business with his passion for travel and purchased Jan McSweeney's business in 2006. His strong focus on customer service and a desire to excel professionally, along with his extensive travel knowledge, ensures Craig is ideally suited as a professional travel consultant. Craig has over 8 years travel industry experience but has been travelling for over 30 years.

Craig has been on 10 cruises so far with 64 nights at sea. He is a CLIA Master Cruise consultant which involves extensive training on cruises. Over the years Craig has travelled to over 35 countries, on all continents except Antarctica. In particular though, he has a passion for all things French. Food, Wine and Culture.

Experience travel and cruise

Office Manager - Kym Sullivan

Kym is a vital member of the Experience Travel & Cruise team. She is our Office Administrator and has been working in administration/finance for 25 years. She keeps our office running smoothly and an is invaluable member of our team. Kym has enjoyed travel for leisure and is very envious everyday meeting happy travelers.

Experience travel and cruise

Senior Consultant - Pip Smith

Pip has a remarkable amount of travel experience for someone her age. Since setting off at the age of 17, she has travelled to various destinations around the world.  She returned to Australia with a new found passion for everything travel and has been working in the industry ever since. She has brought enthusiasm, excitement and an eager sense of adventure to the office, which will be evident as she makes booking your dream holiday a breeze.  

Some of her favourite destinations include Africa, New Zealand, Vietnam, Oman and The Rivers of Europe. She lived in the United Kingdom for some time so that also sits close to her heart.

Experience travel and cruise

Senior Consultant - Geoff King

Geoff has now been to 70 countries in 6 continents - only the Antarctic to tick off with that stat .He has spent a lifetime travelling. After a number of family holidays in the East Coast of Australia, he ensured he saw most of the remainder of Australia before embarking overseas.

He has an unwavering passion for North America and has travelled extensively through almost all the 50 States within the US (including Alaska and Hawaii) as well as the western Provinces of Canada. In between these trips he has managed many visits to Europe - from top to toe, east to west.

Other amazing countries include South Africa, Zimbabwe and Egypt in Africa; Brazil, Argentina and Peru in South America. Then there have been many stopovers in the Asian countries enroute to Europe.

Much of Geoff's adventures have been as an independent traveller. He knows planes, trains, and cars - with some buses too. Lately, much of his travels will be to a selected area of a country; spending a week or two savouring the history, culture, sights and food.

Geoff is an accredited Master Cruise Consultant and is able to assist in planning any cruise holiday.

Geoff is passionate about spending all the time needed to understand a client's requirements, and excels in developing an itinerary that will deliver these desires. With his depth of knowledge and wealth of experience, he looks forward to talking with you soon.